Natural beauty made in Cyprus

    Sharna Waid has been finding out how passionate producers in Cyprus are using the fruits of the land to create natural beautifying cosmetics. According to the ancient myth, Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty, pleasure and procreation – was born out of the waves off the coast of Cyprus. Aside from attracting three […]

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    Video interview: Jayn Sterland

    Natural beauty: The shock of the not new The beauty industry is in a state of perpetual reinvention, the need for constant innovation and ‘newness’ unquestioned. To some extent that’s true for the natural and organic beauty sector too. But just how sustainable is that relentless quest for the new? Not very, according to Jayn […]

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    What happens when the gloves come off?

    What’s going to be the biggest women’s beauty trend to cross over from America to the UK in 2014? If activist groups like the US-based Campaign for Safe Cosmetics have their way, it’s going to be full-bore consumer anger. As Natural Products goes to press the pressure group has decided to directly challenge the cosmetics […]

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    Thinking inside the box

    Beauty boxes are still big news in the industry. It’s a simple idea: people pay to receive a monthly package which brands pay to fill with samples and so reach new consumers. It’s all win/win as long as the box brands keep the quality up and the subscribers feel that they’re getting something different to […]

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    Horst Power

    In the run-up to his eagerly-anticipated appearance at Natural & Organic Products Europe, Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher reveals his thoughts on the natural beauty industry. Horst Rechelbacher is a natural beauty institution. His pioneering work with Aveda brought the concept of wellbeing to the mainstream by fusing Western commerce with Eastern philosophies. Then, in 1997 he sold […]

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