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Cocoa shock

Last night, I crossed to the dark side. I unwittingly bit into a bar of chocolate that was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A bar of Green & Black’s new Velvet Edition; its first product that is neither Fairtrade certified, nor organic. When Craig Sams sold his organic chocolate company to Cadbury for £20m in […]

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julia zaltzman

Innovate to accumulate

It’s not often that I champion a single brand to be taken up by independents – it’s not really what us journalists with integrity do – but on this occasion, I’m willing to break my rule. Effective, innovative and the first commercial venture of its kind in the NHS, My Trusty is a pioneering range […]

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julia zaltzman

Beauty face-off

Just five months into the year, and Google already has a clear front-runner when it comes to the most searched beauty trend of 2017: masking. And no, I’m not referring to covering up emotions, Venetian masquerade balls or hiding a nasty pong. We’re talking face masks, in all their diverse glory. From clay masks to […]

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A beauty-tuned ear to the ground

The month of April always features prominently in the natural beauty calendar. It has become the month when emerging trends and new product developments come to the fore for natural and organic retailers, as well as the sector overall, and this is due in no small part to the Natural Beauty & Spa show. Always […]

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julia zaltzman

The future is wearable

We’re only one month into 2017 and it’s already well on its way to making its mark as the year of innovative packaging. And not just in beauty, either, but across the board. According to J Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group Future 100 report, designers are “borrowing forms from other categories and bidding farewell to packaging […]

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julia zaltzman

Having our cake and eating it

I had a conversation recently with an organic beauty expert who expressed genuine concern over the way in which we, as consumers, have been conditioned to buy cosmetics. Her fear is that many shoppers are enticed by premium designer labels rather than the contents of the product. The fact that these products often have overin- […]

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julia zaltzman

Keep calm and slow down

Once a year, around the month of November, great minds from the natural beauty sector assemble at Diversified Communications HQ in Brighton to attend the Natural Beauty Roundtable. It’s a humbling experience to be part of, to witness the merging of expert opinions, to hear the knowledgeable speak from their perspectives, and to ascertain what […]

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Fermented hopes

If you don’t have an uber-dewy complexion and you’re not working your ‘bitten lip’ look every day, then you clearly haven’t got your K-Beauty ‘thang’ down pat! Asian beauty trends have dominated the beauty market since their arrival in 2014. “Asian-ification”, as dubbed by Nicole Tyrimou, beauty and personal care analyst at Euromonitor International, is, […]

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Pay it forward

2016 has been tough on us so far. Ronnie Corbett, Terry Wogan, David Bowie, Victoria Wood, Prince … it reads like a headline cast for the best New Year’s Eve cabaret show ever, but alas it is instead the tip of a celebrity iceberg of terribly sad losses that we have experienced thus far (let […]

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julia zaltzman

Beautiful at 90

Last month I joined the special 90th birthday celebrations for Weleda’s pioneering Skin Food product. Made from a 100% natural blend of plant extracts in a thick, rich base, this whole body moisturizer has been nourishing the nation’s skin since 1926 when it was first formulated by the brand’s visionary founder Rudolf Steiner. There can’t […]

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