Video interview: Jayn Sterland

    Natural beauty: The shock of the not new The beauty industry is in a state of perpetual reinvention, the need for constant innovation and ‘newness’ unquestioned. To some extent that’s true for the natural and organic beauty sector too. But just how sustainable is that relentless quest for the new? Not very, according to Jayn […]

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    Interview: Dr Mark Smith, director general, NATRUE

    Ahead of his seminar on Thursday 17 November at Natural Products Scandinavia, Dr Mark Smith, the new director general at NATRUE, tells the show’s event director Anne Seeberg about what’s happening in the natural and organic beauty sector. What do you see as key trends for the natural and organic beauty market in the next […]

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    There is a new crowd on the scene

    They are hip, happening and there isn’t a tree hugger in sight – actually if it looks good on Instagram there might be. They’ve been looking after their bodies, practising yoga, meditation and mindful eating and have realized that it’s not just what goes into your body that counts, it’s also what goes onto your […]

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    Didn’t I have a lovely time the day I went to The Beauty Exchange?! It was great for a number of reasons, but mainly because I got to see some lovely people who I don’t usually get to see (other than a small square on my screen!) including – Zaga founder of FOM London, Tracey […]

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    Guest blog: Amarjit Sahota from Organic Monitor

    Leading natural beauty brands are taking their products worldwide in search of future growth, writes Amarjit Sahota, president of Organic Monitor. But where are the biggest business opportunities to be found? Slowing growth rates in the UK natural beauty market mean that home grown companies are now looking at new ways to grow their business. […]

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